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I (Finally!) Finished My First Ultramarathon

Why do people spend money on marathons and ultramarathons, generally torturing themselves for months on end, day in, day out, all for a climatic day (or sometimes more) of torture? I’m still trying to figure that out.

You might remember that I DNFed my first ultramarathon attempt back in June. After allowing myself some time to recover, I doubled down on beating this distance. I took strength training more seriously and I signed up for a running plan with Ultra Trail Coaching, which dynamically planned my workouts based on my running history and my new A race –– The Alb Marathon 50K in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

About a month before the 50K, I shed 16 minutes off my PR in the Berlin Marathon, giving me a wave of confidence heading into my second ultra attempt. But as I learned before that race in June, nothing is guaranteed. Injury, illness, or some twisted combo of the two, can strike at any moment.

Watch the full video here. Want tips to cross the finish line yourself? Check this out.

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I Hiked Bannau Brycheiniog (and Got a Taste of Wales)

Berlin to Bannau Brycheiniog National Park in Wales. 1,400 kilometers or 870 miles by train and bus to a new country––Wales––for a little trail running and hiking and to learn a bit more about Welsh culture and heritage. I also met up with Jodie Bond, a writer and the head of communications for the park, to find out why they dropped the English from the park names, what it has to do with climate change.

Catch it all in the video above.

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Trail Verbier St-Bernard X-Plore Trail Race

A tram to a regional train to a plane to an intercity train to a regional train to an alpine train to a train replacement bus, and a cable car. So was our nearly 12-hour journey from Berlin to the Swiss alpine resort town of Verbier.

And it was worth every transfer.

As has been the theme this year––from Gran Canaria to the Scottish Cairngorms, and the Greek island of Hydra––we traveled for a trail race. This time, it was UTMB’s Trail Verbier St-Bernard 26-kilometer X-Plore course.

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