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48 Hours in Santiago de Chile

Santiago, Chile is a city you’ve heard of, but what do you really know about it? Over 48 hours, Santiago left a lasting impression on me. From sipping wine at Concha y Toro to chowing down on the local favorite at a restaurant covered in satirical Chilean headlines, there are plenty of things to do in Santiago, Chile that will leave you feeling just as impressed with the city as I was.

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Cultural Travels Through Colombia and Thuringia, Germany

Cultural travels through Colombia and Thuringia, Germany are the focus of the last Without A Path travel podcast with co-host Laura Watilo Blake of Far-Flung Travels before Joe moves to Düsseldorf, Germany. Laura shares her experiences adopting a daughter in Colombia as well as traveling through Bogotá and some lesser-known corners of the country. Then Joe takes over to share his trip to the German state of Thuringia, arguably the heart of German culture and enlightenment. This is where Bach was born and Martin Luther started his famous reformation. Not quite as well known, it’s also where Joe crashed a bike and bloodied his ankle.

Without A Path will be back as soon as possible out of Düsseldorf, Germany.

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