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I Ran a Marathon Following the Berlin Ringbahn (FKT Attempt!)

I ran along the Berlin Ringbahn in a marathon attempt at the Fastest Known Time. Here’s why and what happened.

On paper –– or more realistically, Google Maps –– the Ringbahn is the train that winds itself around Berlin in the shape of man’s best friend –– earning it the nickname, “Hundekopf” or “Dog’s Head.”

This train connects the city’s multitude of core neighborhoods. Without it, Berlin would be a hodgepodge of disconnected enclaves, like neighbors you know exist but mostly ignore. And when I say “connects,” I don’t just mean in the literal sense. I’m talking symbolically or even spiritually, if that’s your jam.

Simply put, the Ringbahn is the only thing that makes Neukölln, Schöneberg, and Prenzlauer Berg feel like they’re actually part of the same hedonistic, chaotic, yet strangely quiet city. It’s what makes Berlin, east and west, one.

Access to trains like the Ringbahn was one of the main reasons I wanted to move to Europe, trading in the destructive highway ribbons of my native land for rails that make you feel like you’re part of the city rather than trying to avoid it.

Now as much as I enjoy riding the Ringbahn, I started to wonder what it would be like to *run* the Ringbahn –– all 37-and-a-half kilometers of it. What better way to see the different patches of quilt the Ringbahn stitches together than to make like the Bahn and run around the ring myself?

So I did… and while attempting to win the Fastest Known Time.

Watch what happened, learn about the creation of the route by Annie Voigt, and hear the history of the Ringbahn and how it mirrors Berlin and German history by watching the full video.

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