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I Made A Roman Jewish Feast (feat. Leah Koenig’s Portico)

Who doesn’t love Italian food, especially Roman cuisine with the cacio e pepe, carbonara pasta, and tender, flavourful artichokes?

Seriously. Show me who doesn’t love this stuff and I’ll do to them what the Roman emperor probably did with anyone who disagreed with them. Can’t imagine it was pleasant.

But did you know that within Roman cuisine, there’s another world of food two thousand years in the making with flavors from Spain and North Africa? I’m of course talking about the ancient Roman Jewish community with roots in the city that stretch back to the days of Caesar. (The ruler, not the salad dressing.)

So join me as I prepare a Roman Jewish feast by selecting three dishes from Leah Koenig’s Portico: Cooking and Feasting in Rome’s Jewish Kitchen.

Listen to my full conversation with Leah on the Yiddishland podcast

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