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RØDE’S NT-USB Mic Will Make You Sound Like A Podcasting Pro

Podcasting has been around for well over a decade, but many say we’re now living in the golden age of podcasts. Being in this alleged golden age of podcasts, many are starting up their own programs with the audio industry responding accordingly. RØDE’s latest contribution has been the NT-USB Microphone, which the fine folks at RØDE very generously sent my way for trial and use on my nascent travel podcast, Without A Path.

Without A Path Setup - JoeBaurNot being an audio engineer myself, I’ll stick with talking about the approachability and ease of use when it came to setting up these mics before the first show. Really, it couldn’t be simpler. In fact, I had bought a headphone splitter thinking I would need it to ensure that I could hear my guests speaking through the headphones and vice verse. Turns out RØDE had that covered. All you have to do is plug into the headphone jack on the microphone, do a little Mac magic and you’re own your way. Using GarageBand for recording, I’ve yet to come across any issues for recording myself and a guest simultaneously.

With respect to the quality of sound, I’m more than satisfied. There’s a slight echo or reverberation in my podcasts, but that’s attributable to where I’m recording (high ceilings) and not the RØDE equipment. Even so, it’s not something casual listeners have noticed or complained about.

For recording at home, I’m setup with a couple of mounted desk arm swivels that work beautifully with respect to ease and comfort. But since I record a travel podcast, I find myself in another city or (hopefully) another country. As I write this I’m in the back of a shuttle out in County Donegal, Ireland. Also with me? My RØDE NT-USB microphones. Obviously I left the arms at home, but I was easily able to pack the mics up with a couple of the desk tripods that came with them as well as the pop screen. 

For my purposes, there’s really nothing more I could ask for from RØDE. With that in mind, I have no issue given a strong recommendation of the NT-USB microphones for anyone else who might be thinking of starting up their own podcast.

RØDE NT-USB Microphone: $169.00

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