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Your Responsibility as a Traveler and Journalist

Whether you’re a traveler, a journalist or some combination of the two, you have a responsibility that comes with every trip. Laura and Joe discuss what that responsibility is, namely the obligation to be as direct and honest about an experience as possible.

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Travel Show Parody debuts on Seeso.com by Garrett Martin

Jonah Ray’s parody of Anthony Bourdain-style travel shows, Hidden America with Jonah Ray, debuted this week on Seeso. When it was first announced a few months ago, we had a single question: how did it take so long for something like this to exist?

Tourism trends: Will travel for food, wellness and weed by Anne Bauso

According to a 2015 report published by the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance (OCTA) and Skift, a travel news site, “In 2012, it was estimated that tourism expenditures on food services in the U.S. topped $201 billion, nearly a quarter of all travel income.

Travel is Ugly by Maika Koehl

Realistically, no one wants to see delays, dejection, and diarrhea when scrolling down their phone screen. But what puzzles me is how little dialogue centers around those topics. Because in my opinion, discomfort is what truly sets an adventure apart from ordering Thai to be delivered to your apartment and binging a season of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Switzerland Opens a Record-Breaking Railroad Tunnel by Matt Villano

Rail fans and record junkies rejoiced Wednesday when Switzerland unveiled the world’s longest and deepest railroad tunnel.  The new bore, called the Gotthard Base Tunnel, runs between the towns of Erstfeld in the north and Bodio in the south and goes straight through Gotthard Mountain, a 7,000-foot peak in the Swiss Alps. It is 35.5 miles long, two miles longer than the previous record-holder, Japan’s Seikan Tunnel. What’s more, some sections of the new Swiss tunnel lie a record 1.4 miles beneath the mountain’s peak.

 Your responsibility as a traveler and journalist

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  • Sarah Cuiksa
    July 12, 2016 at 1:56 am

    Echoing that point, I love what Attenborough recently said about travel: “We have to stop waste. And if you travel for no reason whatsoever, that is a waste.”

    • Joe Baur
      July 13, 2016 at 10:13 am

      Agreed, Sarah. I’ve met folks, travel writers/photographers with large audiences, who have admitted to me that they travel simply for the personal pleasure of it. I’ll admit it makes me a bit disappointed to hear that. To travel, especially extensively and internationally, is such an exclusive privilege. It feels like a bit of a waste when someone with an audience doesn’t use it for anything more than hedonism.