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9 Shots That Make You Crave Monteverde, Costa Rica

Arco Iris Lodge Costa Rica

Arco Iris Lodge sits just up the hill from Santa Elena, Costa Rica. The rustic feel and location makes it seem as if you’re in the middle of the Monteverde Cloud Forest when town is really just a short walk away.

Monteverde Costa Rica Flower

Just a hint of the natural life maintained on the Arco Iris Lodge grounds.

Sky Trek Monteverde

A view of the Sky Tram that takes you up for some of the best views of the Monteverde Cloud Forest before zip-lining down for the Sky Trek portion of the adventure. Volcán Arenal pops out over the forest on a clear day.

Monteverde Happy Tree

One of the happier looking trees I came across while hiking in the cloud forest.

Monteverde Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Costa Rica never get old, least of all in Monteverde.

Colibri - JoeBaur

The best way to grab a decent shot of a hummingbird (or colibri) is to hangout by the feeders. Otherwise you’re likely to just get an indistinguishable blur.

Costa Rican Flag Monteverde - JoeBaur

Ticos seem to find every opportunity to paint their flag on anything and everything. This iteration came on a pole just outside of Hotel Heliconia.

Hotel Heliconia Monteverde - JoeBaur

Hotel Heliconia makes the walk to your room a bit more scenic than most hotels.

Monteverde Costa Rica - JoeBaur

Traveling in Costa Rica can come to a screeching halt at seemingly any moment thanks to construction or natural obstacles. On the way up, it was a pouring afternoon that rendered the dirt road too muddy for our shuttle. On the way down, it was construction. But at least it allowed for one last opportunity to enjoy the view.

Photos from Monteverde, Costa Rica

Disclaimer: This trip was sponsored by Gecko Trail Costa Rica. As always, all opinions are my own.

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