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Incredible Israeli Salad Recipe (with a Secret Ingredient!)

For me, salads have always been the culinary equivalent of a sad trombone. I’m active. I want something warm and hearty after a hard effort, not the stuff you give the class gerbil in elementary school. This, I know, is a wildly outdated characterization of salads, if not a surprising one coming from a vegetarian.

But I live in Germany, where there are a lot of rules, and a lot of exceptions to those rules. My exception for salads is the Israeli salad, usually defined as a chopped salad with diced tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers topped with a light, lemon-based vinaigrette. Simple, right?

A recent trip to Israel coupled with a chat with none other than Olympian runner Maor Tiyouri helped me change my perspective.

Full recipe in this article or in the video above!

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