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Garmin VIRB is an Action Camera Favorite

Garmin VIRB Review - JoeBaur

Cycling a new city or country is perhaps my favorite way to travel. It’s a much more intimate experience than motoring through neighborhoods and countryside, especially considering your eyes should be firmly planted on the road ahead. You miss waterfalls out in the distance and chance encounters when you’re behind the wheel rather than on two wheels.

Unfortunately, despite cycling’s superiority in the travel department, it has been historically difficult if not impossible to record memories on the bike without repeatedly dismounting. That’s why the influx of action cameras has been a welcome treat for adventure travelers. Now the question has inevitably turned to which camera.

Opinions abound on the internet, but I promise this one is different. Different in that we actually have a couple of videos you can view that showcase the Garmin VIRB in action. This, to me anyway, is important because reviews can easily get too bogged down with specs that get lost on many. We could recount them here, but the details have already been exhausted across the interwebs. So how about simply seeing it in action?

Ultimately what’s most important is whether or not you’ll be happy with the VIRB. Most are simply looking to film a few bike rides, rafting trips, or surfs for memory’s sake. In that respect, the VIRB is great. If you happen to aspire to do more with your footage, well, I like to think the videos above show that you most certainly can with the VIRB. Pop ’em onto a big-screen, HD television and you’ll be wondering, “Wow… Did I make that?”

Yes. Yes, you did.

In my anecdotal experience, I can say with the confidence of George Clooney waking up in the morning that you will be happy with a VIRB.

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