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How Terrorism is Impacting Travel

Laura‘s fresh off a trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico and Joe’s off to Honduras next week. But first, Laura and Joe look back on the string of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Ankara, Istanbul and Pakistan, and discuss how these tragedies may dissuade people from traveling, but also, how statistics show it’s very unlikely you’ll be a victim of a terrorist incident. On a happier note, Laura shares thoughts on a recent Cleveland staycation.

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On the Paris Attacks, Beirut, and Traveling Through Terrorism

Nearing Tsumago, Japan - JoeBaur

I was in Japan in the back of a shuttle when I heard the news about the Paris attacks.

“Did you see this in Paris?” a colleague of mine sitting ahead of me asked. “Attacks across the city. Hundreds confirmed dead.”

A confused, “Really?” was all I could muster. I’ve never been one to take that kind of news lightly. So many can quickly pause the tragedy and immediately go into quarterbacking mode, hypothesizing — usually without much basis — about the causes, culprits and fallout. Instead all I could feel was the knot in my throat. Continue Reading →