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4 Things You Need to Know About Traveling in Jordan

Four things you need to know about traveling in Jordan


In fact, reality is quite the opposite. They love talking to people who appear to be foreigners, ask them where they’re from, and even invite them to their place for tea. One of my favorite encounters thus far has to be when two Jordanians asked if I’m French.

“France?” one said in muddled English.

Ána min Amérika,” I responded in horrific Arabic.

“Good!” both responded with their thumbs up and smiles wide. “America good. France… No.”

Though the American in me appreciated the random Franco jab, I’m almost certain he would’ve said the opposite if I did say I was from France. See? Jordanians are so welcoming, they’ll make a joke about a country your nationality would likely already make jokes about. Continue Reading →

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How to Prepare for the Cinematic Sights of Jordan

Petra in Jordan

Photo: Peter Langer

North American travelers know more about Jordan than they think. That is, if they’ve seen a movie or two.

Cinematic classics and modern favorites alike have counted on Jordan to serve as their respective backdrops, namely the country’s famous desert, Wadi Rum. We’re talking everything from Lawrence of Arabia to 2015’s The Martian where the aforementioned desert played the role of Mars. Not coincidentally, Wadi Rum has stepped in for the Red Planet on at least two other occasions. Continue Reading →