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16 Photos Through the Ruins off Antigua, Guatemala

Arco de Santa Catalina Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Three weeks ago I was hit by a car, crashed a mountain bike and sent to surgery to fix some arteries with cow parts. Suddenly my travel schedule was wiped clean and I had to give up physical activity for six weeks.

While forced to the couch, my Costa Rica anniversary came and went. Like any other anniversary of a momentous occasion, it felt impossible that a year had already passed. I found myself missing Costa Rica, Central America, Latin America like a normal person might miss a significant other.

To put a band-aid on these — what are they called? — feelings, I went searching for a connection back to those adventures in my library of work from Central America that I still need to edit. With that, I landed back in Antigua, Guatemala — without question one of the most popular destinations in all of the Americas. Below enjoy 16 photos from our four days in Antigua, fresh off a week in El Salvador back in January before heading to Lake Atitlán.

Ruins Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

Ruins like these are all over Antigua thanks to centuries of violent earthquakes.

Parque Central Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

Parque Central served as a scenic meeting point in the heart of Antigua.

La Merced Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

While many churches have been left in ruins, La Merced continues serving the masses.

Church Ruins Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

One of Antigua’s many crumbling churches.

Arco de Santa Catalina Street Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

Arco de Santa Catalina with a controversial fresh coat of paint. Despite the rehab controversy, it remains the thing to see in Antigua.

Arco de Santa Catalina Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

Another look at Arco de Santa Catalina. Built in the 17th Century, the structure originally served to move nuns from the convent to a school without going out on the street. Now it’s the heart of the UNESCO Heritage city.

Antigua Guatemala Street - JoeBaur

A typical cobblestone street in Antigua.

Antigua Guatemala Speech - JoeBaur

We arrived in the middle of this impromptu event, but the man in the middle appeared to be a local politician giving a speech to constituents.

Antigua Guatemala Politics - JoeBaur

A closer look as the crowd inches forward to get a better look.

Antigua Guatemala Ruins - JoeBaur

Though so much of Antigua has fallen, the remains have been remarkably well-preserved. Thus it’s completely safe to walk around and you’re free to do so in most locations.

Antigua Guatemala Pose - JoeBaur

This, however, is not encouraged.

Antigua Guatemala Jesus - JoeBaur

“Hanging with Hey-Zeus” coming to CBS this fall!

Antigua Guatemala Door - JoeBaur

Even the door handles of Antigua have more artistic integrity than the majority of today’s style of hasty cut-and-paste development.

Antigua Guatemala Art - JoeBaur

This is the most beautiful monument to The Drooling Man I have ever seen.

Antigua Church Ruins Guatemala - JoeBaur

Sites like these are literally — yes, literally — around every corner in Antigua. It never gets old.

Antigua Guatemala - JoeBaur

Buildings more than one or two floors are incredibly rare in Antigua and I believe no longer permitted. One restaurant, however, managed to get grandfathered in, allowing for the rare aerial look at Antigua.

Disclaimer: I stayed as a guest of Hotel Quinta de last Flores. As always, all opinions are my own.

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