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Living Through a Chinese Military Lockdown with Anne Krapu

Ever wonder what it’s like to live through a military lockdown? Well, that’s precisely what happened to Anne Krapu while living in Beijing. Anne joins Joe to share what happened as well as some of her more fonder experiences traveling the globe.

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Update from January 29, 2018: This post has been updated with a re-release of Anne’s appearance on Without A Path two years ago. Last week I received a message from Anne’s brother letting me know that she passed away unexpectedly. After hearing this news, I re-listened to our conversation and felt compelled to share it again. As her obituary says, Anne truly lived her life to the fullest and she clearly left her mark whether it was for the various political causes she championed or traveling the world and sharing her experiences with people like me.

If you’d like to learn more about Anne, and I suggest you do, you can read her obituary here. I’ll warn you in advance that it’s heartbreaking, but perhaps it’ll inspire you to be a better person — a person like Anne Krapu.

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