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5 Trail Races in Europe (Instead of UTMB)

If you’re an avid trail runner, then you’ve probably heard the news about UTMB seemingly pushing out a local race in Whistler and setting up their own event. It’s led a lot of trail runners to call for a boycott of UTMB events.

For myself, I’ve already decided not to sign up for the OCC lottery and focus my next season exclusively on non-UTMB events.

Say what you will about UTMB, and people are certainly saying plenty, it was easy to find their races and plan a trip around them––doubly so if you’re coming from North America and you have no idea how to find races in Europe.

Fortunately, there are plenty of kickass races in Europe that UTMB has nothing to do with and deserve your support. I personally use to do my research.

And these races do need your support. A few that I would happily recommend have since been canceled. That said, many live on.

So today, I’m sharing my 5 favorite trail races in Europe that you should consider doing instead of UTMB.

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